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Performance Art and Healing through Non-Drug Altered States

Kat of Current Ritual interviews Maria (Kimatica Studio, Art in Flux, National Gallery X) about her pioneering work in techno shamanism. Maria is an artist focused on performance art and the experience of transcendence. To learn more about Maria and her work, visit, www.artinfluxlondon.com or kimatica.net. Kat and Maria are both interested in non-drug altered states of consciousness to help heal humanity. Visit www.currentritual.com and become a member to access the full length interview and participate in a self study program for Nervous System Modulation Therapy (NSMT). Take care of your nervous system and imagination. Art and science are being united through Maria's work. Enjoy!

Preparing for End of Life

Consider rituals around death and dying... let's have an honest conversation about the medicalization of death. End of Life OT, Lori Sutton of Desert Rose Therapy Services, talks private practice to support people who want to die at home and avoid a facility death.

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