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This is a self-guided experience where you learn at your pace, on your schedule. For best results, participate in Current Ritual lessons for 15 minutes per day. Consistency and repetition are required for re-wiring the nervous system.

The creator of Current Ritual is Kat, an Occupational Therapist and alternative medicine facilitator, who specializes in nervous system health for people of all ages and ability levels.

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I invite you to calm your body, check in with your breathing and listen to these free audio lessons. Show up for yourself every day and let the Current Ritual lessons support you on your journey!

Tribal women walking in synch
Reclaiming Ritual and the Placebo Effect
Tribal women walking in synch
Modern Life vs Ancient Nervous System

From the Current Ritual Community

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Julie Jenkins


Kat is a genuine healer. Her foundation in the world of western medicine, balanced with her passion for progressive, holistic care promotes enduring wellness.

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Julianne Doherty


Kat is a dedicated and skilled professional who has worked with me, my husband and our two young sons. She has beautifully combined her background in western medicine with her passion for healing and teaching. Our family is stronger and healthier today because of her knowledgeable and compassionate care.

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Tim Burr

Founder of Return to Dirt

Kat has been leading my healing journey since my spinal cord injury in 2014 left me paralyzed from the shoulders down. She has given me an “all around” care experience that I don’t think could be delivered by anyone else.


Your Awareness. Your Resilience. Your Ritual.

Members gain access to three learning tracks that cover Family Cohesion, Self Exploration, and Beyond the Diagnosis. Whether you are a someone looking to manage stress in new ways, a parent looking for guidance, a person interested in psychedelic preparation and integration, or someone living with a disability, there is information and support for you. The video lessons are closed captioned and the audio lessons have transcripts for accessibility and convenience. Please enjoy this free video lesson and become a member to gain access to the entire Current Ritual library.

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About Kat

Kat lives in Western Colorado with her family and enjoys music and all things outdoors. She has been an Occupational Therapist since 2009 and started a private practice in 2016. Kat has a clinical and research background, so she brings the rigor of Western medicine into the realm of alternative healing. Kat has been dedicated to her own healing journey since 2008 and is ready to share her personal wisdom and experience. Current Ritual is part of a mission to unite ancient wisdom and modern science, improve quality of life for all, and break down socio-economic barriers to holistic health education. Kat is a lifelong learner and strives to grow with this community. If you want to work with Kat one on one, please visit her booking schedule at https://app.acuityscheduling.c...